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Non-executive Director
  • Mr. LIAO Ching-Tsun
    Mr. LIAO Ching-Tsun
    aged 70,is our Vice Chairman, non-executive Director and also a member of our Strategy Committee. Mr. Liao graduated from Taipei College of Maritime Technology with a degree in aquatic food processing. Mr. Liao has more than 40 years of experience in the food and beverages industry.He joined our Group in July 1977 and held various positions within the Group such as vice president of the snack foods business group, head of production section, head of quality control section, deputy factory manager and factory manager of I Lan Foods Industrial Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of our Company. He is one of the pioneers in spearheading the Group’s China operations. Mr. Liao was our executive Director from November 2007 to December 2016 and was re-designated as a non-executive Director with effect from 1 January 2017.
  • Mr. MAKI Haruo
    Mr. MAKI Haruo
    aged 71, is our non-executive Director. Mr. Maki is the president of ICCL, a listed company in Japan and one of the leading rice cracker producers in Japan as well as our technical cooperation partner. Mr.Maki graduated from Toyama National University with a bachelor’s degree. Mr. Maki joined ICCL in 1976 and has served ICCL for over 40 years, and was promoted to become its president in 1998. Mr. Maki joined our Group in May 2001. He is a director of Want Want Japan Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Company.
  • Mr. CHENG Wen-Hsien
    Mr. CHENG Wen-Hsien
    aged 59, is our non-executive Director. He graduated from the Graduate School of Commerce of Waseda University with a master’s degree in commerce. Mr. Cheng is the chairman of Hunan Want Want Hospital Investment Management Co., Ltd. and the chief executive officer of Hunan Want Want Hospital. Mr. Cheng joined our Group in August 2004. Mr. Cheng is the nephew of Mr. Tsai Eng-Meng and a cousin of Mr. Tsai Shao-Chung and Mr. Tsai Wang-Chia.